Collection Bureau Hudson Valley


CBHV provides the collection needs of a variety of industries such as healthcare, financial, communication, education, energy, government, and sanitation. With its nearly 40 years of experience, CBHV has become an expert in these industries, with dedicated collectors specializing in specific types of debt.

We are members of many trade associations which dedicate support to the different industries we serve. Client-related associations we belong to are Healthcare Financial Management Association, American Cable Association, New England Cable and Telecommunication Association, New York State Organization of Bursars & Business Administrators Inc., Chamber of Commerce, & Credit Union associations.

CBHV is also a leader in the collection industry. We are members of both the New York State Collectors Association (NYSCA) and American Collectors Association International (ACAI). Eric Najork, CBHV president, is a past president of NYSCA and has sat on its board of directors since 2005. He is also a member of the ACAI council of delegates. CBHV is dedicated to the collection industry.