Collection Bureau Hudson Valley


CBHV’s non-confrontational approach to collecting accounts exemplifies our corporate philosophy that the collection of a past due account is a business transaction, not an emotional experience! This helps assure our clients that we will collect their accounts without jeopardizing the reputation and goodwill of their company or organization.

The Account Resolution System (ARS) developed by CBHV encompasses time-tested procedures. It is the result of over 39 years of enhancement to standard collection industry practices. We believe that the basic ARS format followed by CBHV results in superior recoveries for our clients.

These procedures have been thoroughly examined and reviewed to ensure that they comply with all applicable Federal and State laws including the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Public Law 95-109.

The Account Resolution System encompasses five functional areas.

Account Referral Procedures & Account Scoring Procedures

CBHV works with clients of all different sizes, helping them securely and efficiently place accounts into our computer system for processing. We are familiar with many file formats and have the ability to custom program if necessary. We work with a variety of vendors to score accounts then tailor a collection strategy to the client, and to the individual customers’ score.

Work flow procedures, Data security, and Disaster Recovery

SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 2 certified

Collection Activities

Customized collection programs are created specifically to each client or prospect.

Skip Tracing Procedures

CBHV has a waterfall process using many of the top skip tracing vendors in the country. We are continually working to improve this process. Our letter vendor also uses NCOA (National Change of Address).

Litigation and Attorney Network

Our attorney, Paul L Marks, Esq., works closely with our clients to litigate our New York State accounts while also managing our nationwide attorney network.

The additional services CBHV offers besides the traditional third part debt collection is first party pre-collection work, litigation.