Collection Bureau Hudson Valley


With the economy struggling and the creation of the CFPB, financial institutions are being faced with overabundance of delinquent customers along with greater government regulation. How is the financial sector going to recover and rebound from the most recent recession while at the same time having to comply with ever-increasing regulation?

CBHV’s fully compliant, secure and stable environment is devoted to developing specialized analytics combined with cutting-edge communication technology, designed to help all financial institutions achieve success by quickly obtaining customer contact and resolutions.

CBHV data analysis includes searches using Experian, Accruint, and Insight USA databases (Priority Score and Income Score), Asset searches, Credit score, Bankruptcy, Deceased and Litigious debtor gives us the ability to obtain the best right party information to start the collection process. Along with the valid address and telephone information, CBHV’s productive collection script and intelligent skip tracing produces one of the highest liquidation rates in the industry.

CBHV’s professional collectors provide the expertise to overcome obstacles and stall tactics used by the most difficult debtors to achieve positive resolutions. CBHV uses a mixture of Collector dialed calls, IVR Calls, Specialized Lettering Campaigns along with Payment Arrangements; Reminder Communications and Settlement offers to ensure maximize payment.

All Primary and Secondary Auto Refinance, DDA accounts, and Card Services programs are designed to provide a positive experience for both you and your customers while producing the highest return.