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CBHV’s technology and experienced staff can secure funds for financial institutions while freeing up staff time.

Our technology-driven solutions help financial institutions of all sizes to connect with and resolve delinquent accounts.

Helping Banks and Credit Unions Increase Revenue and Cut Expenses

CBHV’s fully compliant, secure environment is devoted to developing specialized analytics combined with cutting-edge communication technology. Our tailored collection programs are designed to help all financial institutions achieve success by quickly obtaining customer contact and resolutions.

CBHV data analysis, productive collection scripts and intelligent skip tracing produces consistently high recovery rates. Additionally, our dedicated compliance department ensures that all collection efforts meet or exceed regulations set forth by all applicable federal, state and municipal law.

Our Collectors Make a Difference

CBHV’s knowledgeable collectors are particularly skilled at achieving positive resolutions on past-due accounts. They excel at negotiating with consumers, while still maintaining the positive image of your institution. We have years of experience serving large and mid-sized banks and credit unions

Leveraging the latest technology with experienced staff will maximize your recovery, while preserving your reputation. Additionally, outsourcing collections to a third-party collection agency frees up your staff to devote more time to serving the needs of current members and customers. Working with CBHV will streamline your workload and improve your bottom line. 

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