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CCPA Disclosure Checklist

For California Residents for Letters:

CBHV is a debt collector that processes personal information shared by our clients, received directly from the consumer, or skip-tracing vendors.  The California Consumer Privacy Act requires that we, CBHV, disclose the categories of personal information we typically collect about a consumer. Information collected may include:

  1. Demographic information such as name, age, gender, social security number, etc.
  2. Contact information such as telephone numbers, email addresses, physical and mailing addresses.
  3. Account details such as transaction history and payments regarding your account, usernames, passwords, and user ID.
  4. Payment information such as debit, credit card, and checking account details.
  5. Skip-tracing information such as employment, previous addresses or phone numbers and credit attributes.
  6. Details of your contact with us including telephone recordings, emails, faxes, and letter correspondence.
  7. Other information, such as the names and phone numbers of relatives provided by the consumer, IP address, and any other information obtained in the process of attempting to collect the debt. 

CBHV may share some personal information with skip-tracing vendors, to obtain more information about the consumer or with credit reporting agencies to furnish data related to the status of an account.  CBHV lawfully uses any information obtained to collect debts for our clients.  CBHV does not sell any personal information.

Our Privacy and Information Security policy, including opt-out rights, can be found on our website or by calling us at 1-800-745-1395.  If you wish to request the categories of information or the actual information we have collected about you, please call us at 1-800-745-1395 or log into our website ( and click on the Privacy Policy link.  You may also mail us a letter at CBHV 155 North Plank Road, Newburgh, New York 12551.

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