Collection Bureau Hudson Valley

Communication Companies

Communication and Media companies today are dedicated to providing consumers with the best possible product. From customer acquisition and retention, local economies, competitive companies competing for subscribers and market share, Communication providers have proven to be robust during these tough economic times, but still struggle to discover ways to boost profitability and reduce costs without minimizing service. CBHV’s customized collection strategies are proven to help maximize cash flow and increase the bottom line. Our dynamic collection treatments consistently provide imaginative solutions that produce results and yield the highest return.

Account Scoring and Specialized Collection Strategies provide CBHV with the tools needed to maximize the recoveries for both residential and commercial customers that have been become delinquent and still have open balances at the time of disconnection. CBHV standard data analysis includes searches using Experian, Accruint, and Insight USA databases (Priority Score and Income Score), Asset searches, Credit score, Bankruptcy, Deceased and Litigious debtor gives us the ability to obtain the best right party information to start the collection process. Along with the valid address and telephone information, CBHV’s productive collection script and intelligent skip tracing produces one of the highest liquidation rates in the industry.

CBHV’s professional collectors provide the expertise to overcome obstacles and stall tactics used by the most difficult debtors to achieve positive resolutions. CBHV uses a mixture of Collector dialed calls, IVR Calls, Specialized Lettering Campaigns along with Payment Arrangements; Reminder Communications and Settlement offers to ensure maximize payment.

CBHV’s Primary Collection strategies are proven to provide the highest return in the shortest amount of time. Our customizable collection scoring analysis matches the right debtor to the best collector. This pairing allows for ease of communication and understanding of the debtor’s situation, providing a customer friendly, proactive, positive interaction. CBHV understands that you work hard on your image, and your corporate appearance is extremely important to us.

The Secondary Collections strategies are best utilized when your current agency has exhausted all their collection efforts. CBHV’s program will reintroduce the debt to the customer and find the best resolution for the debt.