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Securing client funds with the latest technologies.

Combined with over 40 years of industry experience, our software helps us recover client funds faster and more efficiently

CBHV stays on the cutting edge of information technology relevant to collections services

Among the most important technical resources an agency has are its collection software, hardware & servers, telephony resources, and vendor relationships.

CBHV uses Quantrax Corporation’s RM/Ex software and we are on the most current release. RM/Ex is the only ‘intelligent’ software in the industry, meaning that it makes millions of decisions every day depending on past actions taken on consumer accounts. Unlike all of the data-based collection software platforms on the market, Quantrax uses knowledge-based logic to make real-time decisions in order to ensure that every consumer account is worked thoroughly and in a timely manner.

CBHV proudly stays on the cutting edge of information technology and proactively seeks enhancements and upgrades to existing software and hardware systems. All hardware and software systems are on the most current system releases; CBHV employees also attend training sessions on a weekly basis to learn and become experts on the newest applications and features of RM/Ex as well as I-tel (Quantrax’s integrated dialer platform).

State-of-the-art Dialing Technology

We utilize Quantrax Corporation’s I-tel dialer platform, which is fully integrated with Quantrax’s RM/Ex software. The flexibility of the dialer and the robust dialing power make the I-tel dialer stand out in the collection industry. CBHV uses the following calling programs: power dialing, progressive, predictive and blended. In 2012, CBHV averaged over 350,000 calls per month using the Itel dialer.

The I-tel dialer has an industry-low drop call rate, which aids in both compliance and debt collection recovery rate. All calls made through the dialer are recorded for compliance and training purposes.

Priority and Dollar Scoring Promotes Resolution

We score all accounts placed over $100. CBHV utilizes the priority score and dollar score provided by a trusted vendor. This product is a very powerful collection tool, and is superior to other score models for many reasons—the first being that the product uses actual credit history information about the debtor (most scoring systems use solely debtor demographic information). Using credit header and history information allows CBHV to verify or append important, sensitive data (e.g., SSN, DOB, specific credit history). The product is also unique because it not only takes debtor information into account, but also account-level information (e.g., balance, type of debt, age of account, etc.). In addition, this returns best known address, phone number and place of employment—all of which are valuable location information that helps track down hard to find debtors. The fourth aspect of the product is that they return to us 33 credit attributes of the debtor, including information regarding mortgage, revolving credit and interest credit tradelines.

The scoring product data is continually tested, examined, analyzed and adjusted as part of our proactive approach to collect the most bad debt dollars for our clients.

CBHV ‘scrubs’ accounts at account entry using the following vendors and techniques:

  • CBHV ZIP +4 Program
    • Verifies and corrects debtor addresses.
  • Vendor A
    • Front end database used to verify and search for phone numbers.
  • Vendor B
    • Finds all deceased and bankrupt accounts placed.
  • Vendor C
    • Litigious debtor – finds debtors that have sued under FDCPA.
  • Vendor D
    • Priority & dollar score, address, phone and POE verification/append.
  • NCOA
    • National Change of Address database via USPS forwards mail to new registered address in USPS database.
  • Mail Vendor Return Mail Manager
    • Delivers files daily of mail that has been returned.
  • Vendor E
    • Return mail – Finds new addresses for debtors that have had mail returned.

In addition to the above vendors, all of which are considered to be ‘front end skip tracers,’ the following vendors are being used on accounts in which we are in need of location information:

  • Vendor F Reports
    • Used to obtain credit reports on debtors for location information, asset verification, available credit and account collectability.
  • Vendor E
    • Industry leader in obtaining phone number and addresses for debtor. CBHV uses batch file processing as well as individual account lookup.
  • Vendor G
    • Provides the same service as Vendor E using a proprietary database.
  • Vendor H
    • Similar to Vendor E, uses proprietary database to find debtors.
  • Vendor I
    • Similar to Vendor E, uses proprietary database to find debtors.
    • Public access to US court electronic records. Used for verifying bankrupt patient accounts.
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